Philly Center City Sips 2019: An Interactive Map

An interactive map showing restaurants participating in Philly’s Center City District Sips 2019.

Image credit: Silvia Canelón

I used R to play around with webscraping and create an interactive map showing restaurants participating in Philly’s 2019 Center City District Sips. Center City Sips is a series of summer Wednesday evenings filled with happy hour specials.

This mini-project was motivated by two of my close friends’ frustration with the website shortcomings. The information was presented beautifully, but there was no map view! This made it difficult to figure out what happy hours you could check out nearby.

The map pop-ups could use information on the specials for each restaurant, but my newly acquired skills with the RSelenium and Leaflet packages weren’t quite up to the task!

Silvia P. Canelón
Silvia P. Canelón
Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Biomedical engineer turned informaticist, curious about all intersections of data and society. Pronouns: she/her.