Revealing Room for Improvement in Accessibility within a Social Media Data Visualization Learning Community

Data visualization accessibility talk to share what we found after scraping alternative (alt) text from data viz shared on Twitter as part of the #TidyTuesday social project.

The Impact of Sickle Cell Status on Adverse Delivery Outcomes Using Electronic Health Record Data

Applied Clinical Research Informatics: Solving Real World Problems. Oral Presentations S17: March 23, 2021 11:30am-1pm ET

Writing Presentations in R

R-Ladies Seattle package demonstrations showing how to make beautiful slides with xaringan and how to deploy them.

From Learn-R to Teach-R: An Expert Panel on Effective R Instruction

An R-Ladies Philly panel and discussion event on R instruction and education.

Sharing Your Work with xaringan: The Basics and Beyond

An introduction to xaringan for presentations, created for the NHS-R Community 2020 Virtual Conference

An Antarctic Tour of the Tidyverse

An introductory tidyverse tutorial created and presented for R-Ladies Chicago

Is Hydroxychloroquine Safe During Pregnancy? Observations from Penn Medicine

Preprint as a contribution from a rapid response exploration of hydroxychloroquine effects on pregnancy-related outcomes.