Deploying xaringan Slides: A Ten-Step GitHub Pages Workflow

A ten-step workflow for creating an HTML xaringan slide deck and deploying it to the web using GitHub Pages

Becoming certified as an RStudio Tidyverse Instructor

An overview of the RStudio Instructor certification process and collection of resources to support anyone on their certification journey.

Customizing Hugo Academic's Dark Mode with Help from Atom

Tutorial on how to customize the dark mode in Hugo’s Academic theme with help from the Atom text editor package Pigments.

Migrating from Trello to Airtable: Working with JSON Data in R

Tutorial on how to migrate your current Trello board to an Airtable base from start to finish.

Philly Center City Sips 2019: An Interactive Map

An interactive map showing restaurants participating in Philly’s Center City District Sips 2019.